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Jeff Travels

27 June 19

Jeff, a normal adult male, plays the main character in this pornography RPG gaming game. He leads a quiet, normal life. He gets up in the morning and goes to bed in the evening. It's all boring and standard. Jeff has never had a relationship with a woman. He loves the idea. Perhaps it's time to make an amendement. All the boys of the village went to the war. Jeff was the only man. This may have been his chance. The attractive, well-endowed woman had shown him her huge boobs before. Jeff is the king of the village. There are some details that you need to remember. Use your keyboard and mouse to play the game. To complete tasks, you can use things. You'll be able to give an award to well-endowed women. The search can be confirmed by looking at the type of woman. Jeff, please help to bugger all the women of the village.

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