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The UPN v0.3 Tentacle Edition

4 May 21

If you are following our games then you have most likely already seen some installations about sexual adventures of Crania aka the princess of death. And if you have enjoyed them then you will be glad to know that in this game she will have to deal with tentacled monster from the deep! After you have set up the appearance of main heroine (or just decided to play with standard looks) you get on the main stage. Here you may pick from various positions and activities for Crania to perform in order to please the tentacle god's hunger for sexual delights. A lot of variatons and free 360 degrees moving camera will allow you not only set up romp scenes from your wet desires but also to enjoy them in details and from all posible points of view!

Swimming Pool Monster: Utter Version

6 May 21

This interactive and funky flash game may tell you a story that happened within the town pool. So a inexperienced monster settled within the pool. He's incredibly friendly and loves sonsie ladies. Ladies commit to perform a little with this inexperienced monster. Thus let's begin the sport. To induce started, take a glance at the assignment. On the main level, you've got to spank trio ladies within the ass. They'll am fond of it. On the second level, you've got to spank the ladies in their watermelons. The a lot of levels you pass, the a lot of depraved the tasks are going to be. For instance, undress a lady once she leaps into the pool. Or munch her turgid clitor with tentacles. Or fuck ladies within the snatch and ass. She was terribly eternal. Does one need to own an honest time with these beauties? Then let's begin the game at once and get laid.

Sci-Fi Pleasures

13 May 21

In this futuristic themed manga porn attraction you are going to control a bunch of robotic tentacles in order to explore the boundaries of sexual pleasure that human female can get from stimulating her most sensitive places. For that you can select various actions such as rubbing, teasing, vaginal or anal stimulation. The task is simple - you have to complete the test of achieving one hundred percents of sexual pleasure before the time limit will runout and as result for your success you will be allowed to choose where you need to jizz - inside this hottie or all of her (which means that in the event you wish to get the challenge experience you will have to finish the game at least twice but since this game is not too long or hard this is barely going to be a problem).

Goeniko vs Kuromaru

13 May 21

Interactive online game, wherein you will observe a beast with huge tentacles who just wants to seduce young girls. With this monster, you can take on a hot and full-breasted lady. And, not only that, you'll also be able to modify the female. Everything from eye color to hide color and bush is generally customised according to your imagination.Thus take a look at the battle between the tentacle beast as well as the gorgeous beauty. The tentacles punctured her armor. To add insult to injury the girl was naked. Tentacles attacked and squeezed the girl's large watermelon. The monster then kisses the gorgeous beauty with her intimate tummy which gives her a shocking delight. Every so often, the woman has a sexual encounter. Utilize your mouse to participate within the game. Therefore, it's time to begin playing right away.

DA Neru Rigid 3

16 May 21

Angry demon captured huge-chested dame with red hair. Now he will fuck and mock her. But he has one secret. To help, he called the demon with tentacles. And he took the form of a sofa. Now the maniac rapist will fuck the dame in his poon with a thick dick, and the demon will penetrate the dame in the ass with thick and wet tentacles. The dame cannot stand against such sexual aggression. She has to be subordinated and wait for the sexual abuse to end. To interact with the game use the mouse. With it, you can switch hook-up scenes using the control panel on the remaining part of the game screen. Enjoy this hook-up animation at this time.

Satan in the City

25 May 21

Being a moanster from the hentai games may not be so enjoyable as you think, particularly if you happen to be less gifted as your father. It's a matter of proper training and ad-hoc practice enoughso in order to improve your skills you're sent to the citywhere you will have one task to complete: to take on all the hot girls that are on its streets as you can! But be aware that some girls will be too hard for you to manage and since taking a beating by a girl isn't going to give you any marks of fame, it is best to pick only the ones that the outcome is 100% certain (in the world of videogames you should focus on the girls who's level is below yours). Make yourself stronger and get more fucked!

Princess Peach tentacles sex

20 March 18

Princess Peach was in the royal garden with no one around when some unknown creature with multiple tentacles ahs attacked her! In a blink of an eye her beautiful pink dress was torn off and in the next second Mario's chesty girlfiend is nothing but a sextoy for this monster! And because a sextoy she will be utilized - select the scene to find out in what fuck-holes and into what position perfectly nude (well, except for her crown) and vulnerable (yet for several reasons with a pleasing blush on her seems to be quite glad face) Princess Peach will be used! Just click on the"next" button when you have seen enough to watch even more - from teasing to oral romp also from double penetration to triple penetration with a truly gigantic group of multiple cumshots since the grand finale!

Hentaikey girl tentacle

22 March 18

Hentaikey brings you new hot game from zone-archive! It's about trampy anime lady and a lot of pink tentacles fucking her! No history to go after - just click start button and you will notice nude anime hottie with amazing red hair dangling in the pink tentacles grip... and what will happen next - it's your choice! Command tentacles to play with her nice tits in different modes. Or they can fuck her cunny - with even more modes to select. And don't forget about her cock-squeezing butthole - it will need to be taken care of too! As a bonus - you can dress her up a little (let her maintain her boots as an example). The only thing left is to know whose pleasure meter will hit it's maximum first-ever! Hentai game where you command tentacles while they fuck hot anime chick - best game for tonight!

Natsume 2 – Bang-out Tentacles

22 March 18

In this gameyou are going to play another interactive show from Natsume Hot and slim goth lady with beautiful tits and an enormous enthusiasm for supernatural fucking. In this game, she'll be served by awhole variety of shadow tentacles. However, what exactly they will be doing and how they'll be doing to her is dependent on your preferences. Additionally, you can discover extra bonuses (like glasses or piercings) when you click on certain areas.

Futura Gets Busted

22 March 18

Futura is an adventurer who has an ability to travel through time and space. But this period soething ha sgone wrong - some ghostly creature from the past (or might be from the future?) Has made its budge at the very dangerous moment while Futura was travelling through the time stream. Now she is caught in it with this unknown creature... who also turned out to be quite twisted for fuckfest! And guess what? You will be playing is this creature! The gameplay is very simple - all you need to do is to choose what exactly you want to do with Futura at the moment and to enjoy this animated scene from first-ever person perspective. From rubing and teasing to different kinds of vaginal hookup - make Futura's big tits to bounce until you will decide to spunk in her or all over her!

Natsume 2 [Edit]

12 April 18

It is an edited version of Natsume 2 so if you played this game before you could notice few differences in chief heroines looks. If not - don't be worried about that and just enjoy the game! The game idea is pretty simple - hot elven chick is caught by some tentacled monster. This monster is thirsty for elven fuckboxes. And then he likes to play with them first-ever. But waht exactly he will doo with this big-chested blondie with pointy ears is up to you as a player to decide. Choose one of few sexual actions to launch the animation and keep sexual delight getting larger. You can tease her coochie or ass, eat or violate them. Once the pleasure level will get high enough you will unlock new actions - such as anal or vaginal penetration... or even double penetration! Just keep fucking her until ejaculation!

Sewer Doer

12 April 18

This game will tell you concerning a crazy male who devoted female rapes while staying in the sewage systems. You will need to do this in order to solve his problems and also follow his route. You 'll demand cards with guidelines on what to do. The game is enjoyable and also enjoyable. On the platform where it is now readily available, it looks wonderful, yet I'm not sure just how it would appear in other places. My favored part of the story was the lady who played the major character. The one on the TV and also this set are the same. She dislikes being touched. It's fairly intriguing to watch just how you advance in this game.

Dusty's Castle

12 April 18

The main character of this interesting game turned out to be in a strange and ancient castle. Here candles are burning and various incomprehensible sounds are heard. You need to look around. Let's go to the room on the right. There is a table on which there is a lot of food. Take a look. Something strange. Let's go down to the basement..there are many different items. Hmm.. Well, do it. Definitely will need to obtain some type of clues to discover a way out. That is the main mission of this game. You must navigate through the castle utilizing the"WASD" buttons as well as interact with game objects to receive additional items or tips. This game requires attention and perseverance. Be careful sometimes monsters emerge in the castle. You'll be raped by them, if they catch you. Survive and discover the path to freedom.

Tentacle Orgy

12 April 18

It could be quite baffling for those who fell in love with the Hentai-related genres a long time ago, but watching anime heroines to be entangled by multiple tentacles, and then fucked through their holes at once is pretty normal for a Tuesday. It's true that watching hot anime ladies being fucked at a whim in continuous mode is enjoyable and this is the reason that been bringing you here in the first place. So do not waste any more time and go into the fun of it by watching the vibrant animations of this classic hentai motif. The woman is stunning The hot cocks are everywhere and thephysical actionis growing more intense each second in addition to a easy controls this turns this simple game to be a great hentai game!

Angel Girl Full Version

17 April 18

Do you remember games Angel Girl and Demon Girl? Now there's a full version of Angel Girl game! There are not only new creatures, but also you can pass the whole game and open a gallery mode. Use arrow keys to move and prevent horny monsters.

Zone Tan Tentacle

1 May 18

If this is not your first-ever day in the world of manga porn parodies then you most likely know this sexy looking dame named Zone Tan. No, she isn't the nature of any anime or videogame yet this purple haired hottie has made her apperance in quite a lot of games and animations (and sometimes with some popular heroes - check for them on our wbeiste). In this intercative anime porn parody you will see her handling a bunch of green tentacles with each and every fuckhole that she has! To play the game and progress the pleasure pub simply choose one of avaialble actions and set the force level. Also don't forget to check customization options that will let you to switch between differnet facial expressions for Zone Tan or to add some clothes elements on her.

Kunoiti 3

1 May 18

Ninja gals in hentai games are recognized for numerous things: they are way also charming to be assasins, they always have boobs that are so substantial that make it almost impossible for them to eliminate and also - the most infamous of all - they always get caught! Yet at the similar time they can handle anything - from a muscled man with substantial penis to tentacled mosnters! Are they actually being trained for such sort of opponents?

Cortas Platformer

1 May 18

Your ship crashed on enemy planet and your task is to operate through all hazards and protect yourself from being raped by horny aliens. Use W A S D to move. Press Space to assault. Press Shift to switch into aim mode.

Kanzen Koryaku Tifa 2

14 May 18

Tifa Lockhart has been in serious trouble again... but only barely she's had anything similar to the previous time because this time she's being pounced not by a bunch of nadits, or guards, but rather she's caught in the sticky tentacles and horny monster who is extremely knowledgeable about the way this stunning brunette who has perfect bodycurves can be employed. Therefore, whether you are the lover of Tifa the tentacled monsters or just like almost any hentai-inspired parody you can find, the game is definitely recommended for you to try. There may be some difficulties because of the japanes language, however even if this isn't your first time playing hentai games in japanese then you need to learn the basics of it even if you don't know the language. Of course, you can find more exciting adventures with Tifa on our website!


25 May 18

A flash that I have been working on for a long time. There's been lots of troubles in the making, but now it is eventually done. I don't truly have much to say other than, have fun.


29 May 18

In this comic's short animated manga comedy it tells the story of an extremely sympathetic lady WHO has been taken captive by unidentified creatures from the world of the world of the underworld. These creatures are ruled by the king of the underworld who loves the company of hot women from the top of the line. But our heroine here isn'tone to be simply at a loss, and she's not just will she be able to handle the stress of meeting in private with the King, but after a few followers, she's sure to enjoy sex with the guy! There's no action in this video, however, the animation is quite vibrant and done o.k. and it's amusing and charming in addition to being an imitation of the television animation show you may have watched, and even if it doesn't work however, you'll stop admiring this animated.

Castellum Res Venereae 2

17 June 18

A beautiful and youthful lady fell into a castle located on a cliff. She cannot reminisce what happened, but the goal is clear - she needs to get out. The lady hears strange screams and realizes that there are captives in the castle. So with your help, the lady is going to have to save herself and the captives. Avoid traps - they can kill. Kill monsters also. If they catch you, then they will rape, and then they will kill and cook soup made of bones and offal. Use the arrow buttons to stir and leap. Each screen is presented as a room with traps. You have to go from point to point b. rescue the hostages along the way. Embark on your quest for freedom and salvation at the moment.

Teenager Titans Tentacles 1

22 June 18

This is not exactly the game but well made anime porn parody based on one of the most popular animation version of brave team of youthfull heroes knows as"Teen Titans". Here you will see Raven making an attempt to fight one on one with monstrous monsters which among many other weapons and skills also has tentacles! And what usually happens with beautiful nymphs in manga porn parodies with tentacles? That's right - the chick gets hard fucked in all slots and Raven here won't be an exception! Just watch her doing everything she can to drain the strength from her enemy in a quite unique way... but how this story will end you will learn only from the second part of this aniamted anime porn parody which you can find on our website (as well as many other games and parodies).

Satan Girl: The Flash

24 June 18

You will find the total version of the game"Demon Girl" on our website while here you will see only the hottest seconds from it. Overall game's structure is simple. You will see six unique scenes (plus one outro but you need to activate it only after you done with all theothers) where hot demonic chick ending up on the lowest levels of hell and now being fucked by anyone who wishes to fuck her. Slimey shape changing creature? Checked! Purple ghost? Checked! Huge tentacles from the fuck slot in the ground (in hell!)? Checked! Click here on the scene numbers and enjoy the animations until the moment you will decide to activate cumshot option. After that you may get to another scene or replay previous one if you liked it! No hardcore gameplay - only hardcore fun!